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The Youth are the pride of our Shul. Check here periodically to see what they're doing!

Parents from all teams can access the league's website,  You can sign up to receive schedules, view stats, and scores.


HAVE FUN!!!!!!

Dear Parents;
please take note of the changes to the practice and game schedules if and as it applies to your children.  Please also look at the reminders below.
PLEASE BRING YOUR KIDS TO THE GAME ON TIME.  On more than one occasion we were very close to being forced to forfeit for the simple reason that players did not show in a timely fashion.  This is pathetic.  If ever we are in a situation in which this happens, that team will be dissolved.  No coach should ever be in a position where he gives of his time for it to only be wanted.
Parents are expected to be at games if possible.  Little league is not a babysitting service.  When and if you can, please make a concerted effort to cheer on our players as is done for their opponents.
Please pick up your kids on time.   The 1:30 games end at about 2:45, and the 3:30 games end at about 4:45.  NO COACH SHOULD BE LEFT WAITING WITH YOUR CHILD AS YOU STROLL IN AT A TIME THAT SUITES YOU.  #Unfair.

Blue = In Playoffs; Fighting for World Series Title
Red = Not in Playoffs.. not playing
Green = Participating in Consolation Playoffs; NOT fighting for World Series Title
Grade 1: 4pm in Bayswater Park
Grade 2 (A): NO PRACTICE
Grade 2 (B): NO PRACTICE
Grade 3: Refer to the Grade 3 Whattsap group
Grade 4 (A): NO PRACTICE
Grade 4 (B): 4pm, Bayswater Park
Grade 5/6 (A) NO PRACTICE
Grade 5/6 (B): NO PRACTICE
Grade 5/6 (C): See email from Rabbi Greenspan / B. Korman
Kindergarten / Pre-1a Practice Squad: 11am /// YIWB 
Grade 1: Blaze (Away)  Vs. ST (Home)  /// 3:30 p.m. /// Lawrence MIDDLE School, Field 7
Grade 2 (A): No Game
Grade 2 (B): No Game
Grade 3: Blaze (Home)  Vs.  CBEY  (Away) /// 1:30 p.m. /// Lawrence MIDDLE School, Field 2
Grade 4 (A): No Game
Grade 4 (B): Blaze (Away)  Vs.  BMW (Home) /// 3:30pm /// #6 School, Field 1
Grade 5/6 (A): Blaze () Vs.  KBYT (Home) /// 3:30 p.m. /// Lawrence MIDDLE School, Field 3
Grade 5/6 (B): Blaze (Away) Vs. ST-D (Home) /// 3:30 p.m. /// Lawrence MIDDLE School, Field 2
Grade 5/6 (C): Blaze (Home)  Vs.  ST-C (Away) /// 3:30pm /// Lawrence MIDDLE School Field 1
2716 Healy Avenue
Lawrence Middle School:
Broadway and Lawrence Av.
Lawrence High School:
Second left off of Peninsula Blvd coming from 711, deeper into the 5 Towns
#2 School
Entrance to lot is on Mott Avenue between Burnside and Doughty
#6 School (new HALB):
Penninsula and Branch (side street off of branch leads to parking)
North Woodmere Park:
From Bayswater and Far Rockaway: Take Penninsula to Branch.  Make a left on Branch Park is on the left after the bend.
Bay Park:
SET ASIDE AMPLE TRAVEL TIME.  Broadway to East Rockaway Rd.  Make a right on East Rockaway Rd.  When the Rd. forks, bear right onto Main Street.  Make a right onto Front Rd. which becomes Fifth Avenue.  There are signs in the park that mark the fields.  (Field 2 is toward the end of the lot, by the water.)  Parking is adjacent to field.

Playoffs are set up in a way that it never has been before.  All teams have the oportunity to make it to the playoffs.  Those teams that are on top will compete for a world series title and trophy (Tier 1 playoffs).  The bottom teams will compete for a trphy, not world series title (Tier 2).  Some coaches opted out of the tier 2 playoffs.  Schedules are forthcoming.
Grade 1:
Bayswater Blaze-3rd place and in the playoffs (tier 1)
Grade 2:
Bayswater Blaze Team A- last place (tier :2) ... opting out of playoffs.
Bayswater Blaze Team B- Listed in 6th place, record tied with ST-A who is listed in 5th place.  (Tier: Unknown)  I dont know what is the tie breaker and where we stand.  Coach Greenbaum states that he beat ST-A in regular season, and as such it seems we get the tie breaker.  To avoid confusion, I am opting in to participate in whatever playoff tier they will be in.
Grade 3:
Bayswater Blaze- In 10th place out of 12 seats. (Tier 2) Opting to participate in playoffs. 
Grade 4:
Bayswater Blaze Team B- Listed in 3rd place.  (Tier 1) Will participate in playoffs to make it to world series. 
Bayswater Blaze Team A- Listed in 4th place out of 6 seats. (tier 2) Opting out of the playoffs
Grade 5/6:
Bayswater Blaze Team A- Listed in 9th place out of 12 seats.  (Tier 2) Opting out of the playoffs.
Bayswater Blaze Team B- Listed in 7th place out of 12 seats. Their record is identical to that of CTZ who is listed in 5th place and ST-D who is listed in 6th place.  I am unsure where we stand in the way of a tie breaker.  As such, we will err on the side of caution and are opting in regardless of where we stand.
Bayswater Blaze Team C- Listed in 3rd place.  (Tier 1) Will participate in playoffs to make it to world series.
GO BLAZE!!!!! 




: Elkanah Adelman
Asst. Coach: Aiden Axelrod
Nochi Zlotnick
Eli Pollack
Aryeh Rosensweig
Mikki Greenbaum
Yehuda Dachs
Avi Indigo
Yonatan Danino
Dovid Zitron
Judah Adelman
Henach Cohen
Bnyamin Rodroguez
Elazar Sinnreich
( 8 opennings)

 Rabbi Glazer
Eitan Zoldan
Henach Riselheimer
Simcha Brick
Yosef Ackerman
Yitzy Spirn
Zevi Firestone
David Obadia
Abbie Bernson
Abba Langsner
Yehuda Ludmir
(1 Opening)

 Elkanah Adelman 
Moshe Beim
Avigdor Munk
Yosef Yurman
Ynon Ifergan
Eli Phieffer
Daniella Adelman
Shlomo Feuer
Yoel Schrieber
Nochi Adelman
Yaakov Klainberg
Chanoch Kamin
 Dov Greenbaum
Nesanel Shanet
Netanel Schwartz
Danny Greenbaum
Eli Greenbaum
Eli Cohen
Noam Borenstein
A. Robinson
Eliyahu Kahane
Shlomo Berkowitz

: Shaya Simanowitz
Dovid Zlotnick
Yitzchok Leibowitz
Eili Greenblatt
Avrumi Abrahamson
Akiva Schrieber
Oriental Danino
Yosef Kriendler
Heshy Simanowitz
Shmueli Klein
Shmueli Becher
Elchanan Kamin
Akiva Hillel Yagudayev
Yaakov Gorelick

: Coach: TBA (THERE WILL BE A COACH: If no volunteers, one will be hired.)
Yisrael Dov Shalom Friedman
Nachi Riselheimer
Moshe Dovid Frisch
Aleksander Dembitzer
Nachi Hyman
Avi Kransler
Y.M. Leff
Shuah Rubin
Paysach Dovid Solomon
Yosef Robinson
Coach: Moshe Tusk
Moshe Pollack
Yosef Phieffer
Aharon Yosef Obadia
Yisroel Ackerman
Usher Mordechai Adelman
Eliyahu Tusk
Nachi Zinn
Avrami Robinson
Nissim Azerrad
Akiva Schrieber
Avi Clenman
Yosef Gorelick
GRADE 5/6 (A)
Coach: Elkanah Adelman
Naftali Manne
Yisroel Rizel
Eli Zitron
Moshe Sebrow
Aharon Yurman
Nachshon Buskila
Nissy Spirn
Tzvi Chait
Yitzy Adest
Yehuda Levine
Levy Dery
GRADE 5/6 (B)
Coach: Yehuda Lazar
Yaakov Cohen
C.Y. Newman
Yaakov Lazar
Naftali Manne
Dovid Riselheimer
Mendy Brick
Dovid Meir Clenman
Moshe Krasner
Moshe Glick
Yosef Zakai

GRADE 5/6 (C)
: Rabbi Greenspan
A collection of Yeshiva K'tana
kids who have their own email system

Sat, June 22 2024 16 Sivan 5784