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2020 Night Kollel Raffle

Welcome to the Shaar HaShomyaim Night Kollel!
We are a growing, dynamic night Kollel, welcoming
our mispallelim and visitors alike. 
Avreichim join Baalei Batim, tweens and teens 8:30 - 10pm each night in a warm, inclusive environment.  There are nightly shiurim as well as a weekly mussar chaburah.
Additionally this year we have launched our very successful Mishamar Program on Thursday nights. Starting with a program for Tweens at 8:30 followed by Maariv, Chulent, Night Seder plus multiple Shuirim and concluding with a special Chumash Shiur from the Rav, Rabbi Eliezer Feuer

For the 6 weeks before Purim we hold our annual fundraiser raffle. The only kollel fundraiser fo the year. 
Now is your opportunity to be a part of this wonderful Torah initiative 
Grand Prize: A beautiful
Meggilas Esther in an exquisite case
1st Prize: Stunning Jewelry by HK Jewels
2nd prize: $250 gift card to KOL SAVE
Drawing: Sunday, March 8, The 12th of Adar (Erev, Erev Purim)
For more details call: Rabbi Moshe Rabinowitz 347-439-2922

$11,428 Raised..... Raffle completed!

Fri, February 26 2021 14 Adar 5781