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Current temporary Eruv Restrictions

Due to construction on Bay 32 street ( the Bayswater Park area ) the following instructions should be followed for the foreseeable future until we can safely go back to the usual status ....

If one is walking and carrying something up Bay 32 toward Beach Channel Drive, one should stop 100 feet before Dwight Ave which is a bit after the last of the homes on the right side of the Block

If one is walking and carrying on Dwight or Falcon toward Bay 32 one must stop at the stop sign and not turn onto Bay 32!!

If one is walking and carrying on Oceancrest toward Bay 32 you can only make a left onto bay 32 toward Beach Chanel Drive , but not a right toward center of Bayswater

Perhaps it would be advisable to look at the map of our community and it's Eruv ... to understand these changes ( for now ) and be an "educated consumer " for the honor of Shabbos !!

In this merit of guarding the shabbos may the shabbos guard our community !

Thu, May 30 2024 22 Iyyar 5784